Corval Hash mining service

Have you ever wondered why so many people switch from fiat money to decentralized cryptocurrencies? The reason for this transition is as clear as day – it’s all about escaping the rat race that the banking systems want us to run in for the rest of our lives. Unlike them, the Blockchain technology provides those who are willing to write their own tickets with exponentially growing resources which are neither affected by inflation nor controlled by the government. And there is hardly anything more advantageous for making the most of these resources than cloud mining.

Inspired by the idea of opening up a decentralized world of opportunities to people from all over the globe, Corval Hash introduces a vast range of Bitcoin cloud mining solutions. We offer a surefire way to leverage your assets while benefiting from the record-shattering market capitalization of BTC. Do you want to avoid dancing to someone else’s tune? Corval Hash allows you to reap substantial profits in cryptocurrencies by mining coins remotely!

Why Corval Hash?

Corval Hash is a cloud capacity provider that gives skilled miners as well as those who are new to mining direct access to the pool of its technological resources. Secondly, we take care of everything from hardware provision to maintenance and, thus, make things less burdensome for you with no extra fees involved. Thirdly, we are capable of ensuring the best cloud mining experience owing to:

  • substantial hash power capacity of 150.5 Ph/s;
  • zero downtime risk, so you won’t miss out on any opportunity;
  • advanced ASIC chips which allow you to mine coins in the most efficient manner;
  • colocation service in our well optimized facilities.

As of now, our platform provides only a Bitcoin mining option, but we set our sights on adding Ethereum and other contracts in the nearest future. With all our technological benefits and commission-free withdrawals, you will mine coins and yield profits without any limits down the road. Plus, you will be able to monitor statistics, financial transactions, and even forecasts for your earnings in the dashboard.

Choose your plan, specify the required hash power, and start mining with Corval Hash today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is cryptocurrency and how does mining work?

Cryptocurrency is a computer-generated monetary system. It’s created by specialized, powerful computers called “miners,” which compete mathematically to secure “transactions.” The transactions are bundled into a “block,” which the cryptocurrency miner digitally verifies to assure the validity of all transactions. The miner computes a “cryptographic hash,” a computerized method to ensure the block’s validity and prevent invalid block construction. Blocks are accumulated and accounted for in the blockchain, functioning as digital ledgers. Miners are rewarded for their transactions with a set amount of cryptocurrency.

What are the long-term projections for cryptocurrency?

The cryptocurrency market is projected to grow ten-fold by 2025. This decentralized form of money does not require a processor like a bank or credit card company (and their fees), offering major benefits over fiat currency or credit systems. Values may fluctuate, but they have continued to generate excellent value returns.

What are the advantages of cryptocurrency over fiat money or a credit card?

Because the cryptocurrency system is a “peer-to-peer” transaction, there is no middle institution involved, like a bank or credit card company, which means no third-party fees. You’re also assured of privacy since there is no way for the seller and purchaser to identify one another. And you aren’t charged any account fee just for keeping your currency in your digital ledger.

How do I purchase hashrate and pay with BTC, BCH or ETH?

You can use "Pay with BTC/BCH/ETH" payment method to purchase hashrate with either Bitcoin (BTC), BitcoinCash (BCH) or Ethereum (ETH). After selecting this payment method, you will be taken to a third-party payment system.

How long does the mining contract last?

SHA-256 and SCRYPT contracts last 1 year(365 days) and are subject to maintenance and electricity fees (MEF).ETHASH, EQUIHASH and DASH contracts last for 1 year (365 days) and are not subject to any fees.

What is Corval Hash's colocation services?

Our facilities are built specifically for cryptocurrency mining and can handle virtually any coin. Initially, we see the potential for the following: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Zcash, Ethereum, Dash, and Monero (XMR). However, we are constantly evaluating other coins, and you can mine virtually any cryptocurrency with us.

Awesome Team

Walter Stone Front-end Developer
Jacob Howell Head of Marketing
Erin Robinson Customer Service
Phillip Anderson Human Resources Manager
Thomas Sherrill Full Stack Developer
Eric Abernathy Sales Manager
Richard Hartig Web Developer
Linda Clarck Technical Support
William Baine Data Analyst